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Ane Trolle

" Inspired by her many travels around the world, singer Ane Trolle (who we know from various collaborations like JaConfetti, Trolle/Siebenhaar and Balstyrko) has made an ambitious and expertly released solo debut album, which is a colorful and multifaceted celebration of art and passion."
- Pelle Sonne Lohmann, Gaffa

"I could go on and on about how Trolle has long been a ubiquitous voice in the most interesting end of the Danish music landscape. However, it is only now Trolle has chosen to publish an album under her own name. 'Honest Wall' shows that her history a varied affair."
- Jeppe Christensen Krogsgaard, Berlingske

From: Sorø, Denmark
Genre: Reggae-Pop, Electronica, Singer-Songwriter
Touchstones: Best Coast, Stars, Air, Lana Del Rey
Home page: www.facebook.com/AneTrolle

Listen: "Rooftop"  
Listen: "100 People"  
Listen: "Wonderful World" (Lucy & the Cloud Parade)  

Watch: "Honest Wall"


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