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Dart Music International Artist Membership

Dart Music International provides music business services and contacts to artistically significant artists in support of our mission to introduce the general public in the United States to the modern face of countries and cultures from around the world. Artists who we work with are at a stage in their career where they have generated international attention, are professional musicians, and are prepared for the time and expense of touring.

As the manager for the Irish rock band We Should Be Dead, I had the opportunity to work closely with Dart Music International during March, 2009. They booked concert dates in Texas and New Mexico for our tour from Los Angeles to Austin and back. We were able to realize cost savings and revenue that literally made it financially possible for us to attend the festival because of the money we earned at these shows.
- Arthur Alexander, Manager, We Should Be Dead

We charge an Annual Artist Membership fee of $3,000 that includes your visa application fees and DMI services related to logistical, performance, marketing & publicity, and other services. Touring in the US can seem like a big confusing mess, and the $3,000 DMI Artist member fee can be an awful lot of money for an international artist or band. Remember that this time and money is an investment in your band's career while helping educate the people in the US about your country and culture. In other words, working with DMI has professional and personal benefits that far exceed the amount of money you will spend. Below is an overview of our band services. Download our Band Services PDF for a detailed description of these services.

The Visa application process is the most important and sensitive item related to performing in the US and is why you should leverage the expertise provided by DMI to compile your application. Each band must have a performance visa to legally play in the US. Even if you were to play for free, if you perform at a show where there is a cover charge or tickets sold, you technically must have an appropriate visa. The P-1 Visa covers the entire band; an O Visa is for a solo performer. We are able to provide additional information that will give your application the greatest potential for success. This is the most valuable aspect of what we do for our artists.

  1. P or O Visa work application, Agent Letter, Artist Agreement, Itinerary
  2. **Does not include $131 USD per band member interview fee at your local US consulate

Our local knowledge and contacts can help you plan the most efficient touring and put you in contact with trustworthy sources for transportation, billeting, rental agencies, and other service providers. In many cases we are also able to arrange for free home stays.

  1. Introduction to logistical resources and service providers
  2. Assistance with tour planning and logistics

We enjoy a very good personal and professional relationship with Dave, and Dart Music International. Dave has referred artists and potential interns to me, and The Still is a featured "Ally" on their website. I intend to continue working with Dart Music International on future projects and appreciate their insistence on using local Austin businesses such as ours in their effort to bring together the cultures of Texas and the rest of the world.
- Randall Squires, Chief Engineer, The Still Recording Studio

The performance services and relationships with DMI service providers deliver tremendous cost savings and potential income. Our relationships with service providers offer potential opportunities that usually are not available to international artists. The exposure a band receives through the community outreach events and showcases we sponsor often lead to career-enhancing professional relationships in the US and around the world.

  1. Assistance with booking special outreach events with local/regional communities
  2. Inclusion at high profile DMI events
  3. Introduction to booking agents and other service providers
  4. **We can not guarantee bookings

Marketing & Publicity:
With all the bands vying for attention here in the US, every promotional tie-in for a band is vital. Our website is regularly visited by people from more than 90 countries each month. Our social media and email contacts are in the tens of thousands - and include many of the key media, bloggers, and taste-makers who can get behind your band to dramatically extend your reach in the US and all over the world.

  1. Continual presence and promotion on the DMI website and social media
  2. Introduction to publicists, media representatives, and other service providers

Other Support:
In addition to the time, resources, and documentation we generate for you, we can also provide you with support letters for grants and private support. We also provide a customizable planning budget to help you set a conservative tour budget.

Interested bands should email the following information to info(at)dartmusicinternational(dot)org:

  1. Your band name and home country
  2. Contact information for the band (name, email, phone)
  3. Band website, facebook, youtube, and myspace links
  4. Dates you want to come to the US
  5. Three songs in .mp3 format