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The Foreign Resort

The Foreign Resort
The Foreign Resort

"It is refreshing that you can revel in melancholy while at the same time being happy and feeling good... The Foreign Resort has taken very long to get the refined sound they have now, but it has been worth the wait."
- Robin Hansen, Underlyd

"The Foreign Resort's dark-yet-airy sound is similar to Tears for Fears and The Cure (and a twinge of Echo and the Bunnymen) but with that uniquely Scandinavian sound that's both beautifully fragile and apologetically hard-hitting. This deadly combination gives the listener of this EP no choice but to play it repeatedly. And loud."
- Michelle Rae Anderson, Nordic Spotlight

From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: New Wave, Shoe Gaze
Touchstones: Joy Division, Tears For Fears, The Cure
Home page: http://theforeignresort.com/

Listen: "Colleen"  
Listen: "Take A Walk"  
Listen: "Orange Glow"  

Watch: "The Starlit Sea"


Upcoming US Dates

Sat, Nov 09 - Ground Zero Nightclub - Minneapolis, MN

More US dates TBA