Dart Music International

Dart Music International Artists

At Dart Music International we work with some of the most talented and intriguing artists from around the world. We choose to work small/independent bands and labels that have artistic merit and represent their culture in a manner that is accessible to people here in the US. Our criteria for choosing the artists we work with are simple:

  1) they are from outside the United States,
  2) they are serious about their musical career, and
  3) they don't suck.

We encourage anyone interested in working with us to apply for an Artist Membership

Current Artists

Hailer Hailer
From: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Rock, Pop
Touchstones: Crazy Horse, Wilco, Brian Jonestown Massacre

"This alternative rock album [Another Way] has everything from eerie music and haunting vocals to beautiful acoustic pieces and everything in between. It is a brilliant sophomore effort that lets us know that Hailer is a band to look out for." - Robert Gluck, The Aquarian Weekly More info...


Ice Cream Cathedral Ice Cream Cathedral
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: Space Pop, shoegaze
Touchstones: Cocteau Twins, Beach House, Broadcast

"The band radiates a sky-high level of ambition and plays with an impressive stability. There is no room for chit chat in between the songs. The focus is held deeply concentrated and tight around the soaring pop. " - Kristian Pedersen, GAFFA More info...


Kabul Dreams Kabul Dreams
From: Kabul, Afghanistan
Genre: Indie, Alternative, Britpop
Touchstones: Oasis, Radiohead, Bloc Party

"With a dedicated following of expats and early signs of an appetite among young Afghans for English-language indie rock, Kabul Dreams are starting to show promise after less than a year together." More info...


Jens Lysdal Jens Lysdal
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: Jazz, Folk, Blues, Bluegrass
Touchstones: Randy Newman, Daniel Lanois, Ry Cooder

"Still, from the sound of it, you'd think he had spent his formative years riding freight trains in Dixie, because these English-language songs are full of Southern-fried funk, on a sturdy base of the blues... Lysdal has made a real contribution to American roots-rock tradition that includes John Hiatt, Ry Cooder, and the Blasters." More info...


The McMenamins The McMenamins
From: Cairns, Queensland, Australia
Genre: Americana, Folk, Country
Touchstones: Kim Richey, KD Lang, Shelby Lynne

"Front woman Fleur has a faultless voice that's confident and sweet with a country ache - reminiscent of a more laid-back, antipodean Ani DiFranco..." - Kelsey Munro, Rolling Stone Magazine
More info...


Tammurriatarock Tammurriatarock
From: Rome, Italy
Genre: Gypsy, Rock, Jam Band, Multi-ethnic
Touchstones: Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Dave Matthews Band

"Tammurriatarock started 29 years ago mixing Italian world music with the new sounds like reggae, rock and Latin music and became known around Europe thanks to the famous soundtrack of Gabriele Salvatores movie Sud" - Pietro D'Ottavi, La Repubblica More info...


Ane Trolle Ane Trolle
From: Sorø, Denmark
Genre: Reggae-Pop, Electronica, Singer-Songwriter
Touchstones: Best Coast, Stars, Air, Lana Del Rey

" Inspired by her many travels around the world, singer Ane Trolle (who we know from various collaborations like JaConfetti, Trolle/Siebenhaar and Balstyrko) has made an ambitious and expertly released solo debut album, which is a colorful and multifaceted celebration of art and passion." More info...


DMI Ambassadors

Art Versus Industry Art Versus Industry
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Dance Punk, Indie Electronic
Touchstones: Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Castles, Viva City

"... The trio offers a complex blend of crushing organic electronics, machined guitars and personal commentary. This pack is unwilling to compromise integrity and as such has placed themselves with the not-so-straightforward task of putting art and sincerity back into music." - Candace Birkelbach, The Austinist More info...


Bali Yaaah Bali Yaaah
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Psych, Electronic, and World Flare
Touchstones: Velvet Underground, Depeche Mode, Charanga Cakewalk

Bali Yaaah headlined our "Cure for the Naked Wrist" fundraiser and then opened our 4th Annual Dart Music International Day. They represented North America on the second bill in history to feature performances by artists from the 6 inhabited continents - and the first with music from space! More info...


The Black And White Years, photo by Rosy Lea The Black And White Years
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: New Wave, Alternative
Touchstones: Sparks, Thomas Dolby, Interpol

At the 2009 Austin Chronicle Awards they took home 5 titles, including Best New Band and song of the year with "Power to Change". They have played major festivals here and abroad, and headlined the first Backstage Pass To The World in January, 2010. More info...


Black Panda, photo by Rosy Lea Black Panda
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Garage, Rock, Punk
Touchstones: Melt Banana, Sex Pistols, The Big Boys

Played with We Should Be Dead at a Dart Music International benefit in August 2009. "... I think I'm enamored of the singer's voice, which, to me, is just a perfect blend of punk rock disinterest and snottiness. Quite lovely." - Jennifer Federico, Razorcake More info...


The Boxing Lesson The Boxing Lesson
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Experimental, Psychedelic, Rock
Touchstones: Spiritualized, The Lemurs, White Denim

Jaylinn and Paul were both nominated for 2011 Roaries as Austin's best female and male vocalists. The Boxing Lesson represented North America at the first ever performance by 6 bands from the 6 inhabited continents at the 2011 Dart Music International House. More info...


Lauren Burton Lauren Burton
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Indie, Singer-songwriter
Touchstones: Chan Marshall, Chrissy Hynde, Beth Orton

"Lauren Burton is an emerging singer/songwriter, currently living and attending college in the Austin area. She's really pretty damn good, and might just make something for herself in this crazy music business. For now, she has a gig at Momo's coming up and you'd be silly to miss it." - Pete Harris, " 5 Minutes with Lauren Burton", Indie Sounds More info...


Cady Coleman Astronaut Cady Coleman
From: International Space Station, Outer Space
Genre: Folk rock, Jazz

Dr. Coleman is living and working on the International Space Station where she is using her musical interest to share how amazing the experience of being in space is with people around the world. She provided an exclusive tour and performance for the 2011 Dart Music International House. The YouTube Video received over 80,000 views in it's first two weeks.


Gustavo Galindo Gustavo Galindo
From: Sacramento, California
Genre: Latin Pop, Rock
Touchstones: Volumen Cero, Monte Negro, Juanes

''An incredible songwriter - really, really clued into merging Latin music with almost a classic Bruce Springsteen songwriting style" - Joe Cuello, MTV. More info...


Halfbreed Lovers Halfbreed Lovers
From: El Paso, Texas
Genre: Indie, Alternative
Touchstones: Yo La Tango, Modest Mouse

The Halfbreed Lovers will be touring behind new concept album in 2011. They gave us a sample at the "Divided City" showcase during the 2011 Dart Music International House. More info...


Nick Hirsch Nick Hirsch
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Acoustic, Indie, Pop
Touchstones: David Byrne, Howie Day, Paul Simon

Nick is the very first artist to perform at a Dart Music International Embassy, opening the show in February, 2010. Somewhere along the way between Caracas and Sevilla Nick learned that music transcends culture and that a party is a fiesta and a fiesta is a party. More info...


Las Imagenes Ocultas, photo by Alma Las Imagenes Ocultas
From: Houston, Texas
Genre: Progressive, Experimental
Touchstones: Frank Zappa, early Elvis Costello, T.S.O.L., Black Sabbath

Furiously talented, original, and seriously four of the nicest people on the planet. They absorb, deconstruct, and create powerful new music from the entire spectrum of music. The guys played dates in Houston and Austin with Menwhopause in 2008. More info...


From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Garage, Indie
Touchstones: IV Thieves, Oasis, Paul Weller

Headliners at the first Dart Music International Embassy in February, 2010, STEREO IS A LIE are something of an Austin supergroup, with members from IV Thieves, Magnet School, Lomita, and Our Black Love Song. They makes music that caresses you one minute and  throttles you the next. More info...


Tee Double Tee Double
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B
Touchstones: Digable Planets, De La Soul, The Roots

The prolific Tee Double is Austin's Hip-Hop Artist of the Year. His freestyle method and vocal delivery as a solo artists and in collaboration with Boombox ATX have garnered critical acclaim and fans from across the musical spectrum. More info...


Patricia Vonne, photo by Rosy Lea Patricia Vonne
From: Austin, Texas
Genre: Latin, Roots, Rockabilly
Touchstones: Patty Griffin, Rosie Flores, The Mavericks

Patricia led off the first Backstage Pass To The World with a VIP-only performance for the ages. She is one of the leading lights in Austin music. "This is a talent to melt the coldest of hears." - The Sun More info...


DMI Alumni

127 127
From: Tehran, Iran
Genre: Rock, Punk, Nu-Jazz
Touchstones: Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Radiohead

Founded in 2001 by a group of young Tehran artists and art students, 127 has found itself at the center of progressive cultural change in Iran. Their lyrics tell of the frustrations and joys of life, somehow managing to speak of their cultural time and place, while simultaneous reflecting universal frustrations ... More info...


Abbi Abbi
From: Nairobi, Kenya
Genre: Afro-fusion, Acapella, Reggae
Touchstones: Angélique Kidjo, Michael Franti

The House of Songs arranged for Abbi to make it to Texas in March 2011 and presented him as the African representative on our third consecutive day of performances by artists from the six inhabited continents at the Dart Music International House. This was also the Austin concert for "Songs For Christchurch". More info...


Apollo 18 Apollo 18
From: Seoul, South Korea
Genre: Experimental, Rock, Shoegaze
Touchstones: Amplified Heat, Sonic Youth

Korean Music Awards 2010 Rookie of the Year. Apollo 18 represented Asia at our third consecutive day of performances by artists from the six inhabited continents at the Dart Music International House. This was also the Austin concert for "Songs For Christchurch". More info...


AV Okubo AV Okubo
From: Beijing, China
Genre: New wave, experimental noise, disco punk
Touchstones: Ratatat, Battles, These Are Powers, Orange

Hong Kong experimental cinema, 80's Kungfu movies, triad gangsters, Chinese and Japanese cartoons, Qian Xuesen and China's early space program all collide together in AV Okubo's sound to create a weird kaleidoscope of modern Chinese sensibilities. More info...


Bang Bang Eche in NYC Bang Bang Eche
From: Christchurch, New Zealand
Genre: Danceable Punk, Electro-clash
Touchstones: Har Mar Superstar, P.I.L., Die! Die! Die!

"With two EPs yielding a vast number of hits as well as several notable overseas gigs to their name, people seem fond of terming Bang Bang Eche 'dance punk'. Which is all very well and good, but might be better understood as the imperative their live performance implies: 'DANCE, PUNK!'" - music.net.nz. More info...


The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads
From: Reims, France
Genre: Psychedelic, Pop
Touchstones: Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene

Like a gang of free wheeling beatniks on a rampage through the musical history books the strangely named ensemble sprinkle magic psych pop pixie dust on the Sugarhill Gang's 70s classic 'Rappers Delight' making it sound like their own concoction. More info...


Jackie Bristow Jackie Bristow
From: Gore, New Zealand
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Americana, Country
Touchstones: Kasey Chambers, Bonnie Raitt, Shelby Lynne

"This woman makes you feel as if she's talking to you the whole way throughout the album; storming heaven's gates taking no prisoners as she goes. There are love songs throughout which will leave you breathless..." - John Shelton Ivany, Top 21 More info...


C-Funk C-Funk
From: Santiago, Chile
Genre: Funk, Hip Hop, Latin
Touchstones: Los Tetas, Illya Kuriyaki, Los Amigos Invisibles

Funky C lands with his debut album Joya, a NEW latin funk sound, combining modern hip hop production with classic funk riffs, infectious vocals, and above all, great song-writing. "A classic old-school live sound mixed with computers." More info...


Capsula in the Austin American Statesman Capsula
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina and Bilbao, Spain
Genre: Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic
Touchstones: Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Os Mutantes

"It was only 9 p.m. on opening night when I hit my first pay dirt of this year's SXSW in Austin: Capsula a kinetic trio from Bilbao, Spain ... a high-velocity union of the Cramps and the Who, coated in corroded glam." - David Fricke, Rolling Stone More info...


Carsick Cars Carsick Cars
From: Beijing, China
Genre: No Wave, Indie Rock
Touchstones: Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide, Velvet Underground

Besides being one of the most admired and written-about bands in China, they have also received a huge amount of attention from musicians and critics in Europe and North America, played numerous festivals, and toured with Sonic Youth. More info...


Casino Casino
From: Santiago, Chile
Genre: Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Rock, New Wave
Touchstones: Radiohead, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Go

Their self-titled debut album was named by Rolling Stone as one of the best of 2005. They released the follow-up album, "Volcanes" in 2007 and have been touring almost nonstop since, playing with bands like the Romantics, Kraftwerk, and Radiohead. More info...


City Riots City Riots
From: Adelaide, Australia
Genre: Alternative Rock
Touchstones: Kings of Leon, Dandy Warhols, The Boxer Rebellion

City Riots is generally so busy playing live that it took over two years before they found the time to record a full-length album. In May 2009, The South Australian group flew to Chicago to record with legendary producer Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins, Dandy Warhols, Billy Corgan). More info...


DaPuntoBeat DaPuntoBeat
From: Mexico City, Mexico
Genre: Acousmatic, Tape music, Big Beat, Live Electronics
Touchstones: Mexican Institute of Sound, The Pinker Tones

DPB is a high potency and explosive live act that combines rock, funk and electronic elements to unleash passions on the dance floor! "Since 1998, musical scientists DaPuntoBeat have been captivating Mexico City with their unique musical experiments and ambient beat theories." - Spinner More info...


Drawn From Bees Drawn From Bees
From: Brisbane, Australia
Genre: Indie, Alternative, Art-rock
Touchstones: Glasshouse, The Decemberists, Powderfinger

"Very few of these songs feel undercooked; many sizzle with admirable clarity of vision. Their studious devotion to deadlines could be construed as over-earnestness, yet if anything, this career-so-far summary only underlines how serious Drawn From Bees are about their art..." More info...


Emergency Blanket Emergency Blanket
From: Lima, Peru
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal, Punk
Touchstones: Stone Temple Pilots, Ozzy Osbourne

Winner of the 2010 British People's Music Awards for best hard rock band, these guys have been playing all over South America for more than a decade. In addition to their own impressive legacy, they have shared the stage as special guests of Faith No More and, most recently, Stone Temple Pilots. More info...


The Flying Balalaika Brothers The Flying Balalaika Brothers
From: Russia / Austin
Genre: Gypsy Punk, Russian Folk, Bluegrass
Touchstones: Red Elvises, Gogol Bordello, Limpopo

Members of Limpopo, Red Elvises, Kalinka now based in Austin. They were our special guest on our third consecutive day of performances by artists from the six inhabited continents at the Dart Music International House. This was also the Austin concert for "Songs For Christchurch". More info...


The Foreign Resort The Foreign Resort
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: New Wave, Shoe Gaze
Touchstones: Joy Division, Tears For Fears, The Cure

"It is refreshing that you can revel in melancholy while at the same time being happy and feeling good... The Foreign Resort has taken very long to get the refined sound they have now, but it has been worth the wait." - Robin Hansen, Underlyd


The Ganjas The Ganjas
From: Santiago, Chile
Genre: Alternative Rock, Dub, Psychedelic
Touchstones: Jesus and Mary Chain, Sublime, Capsula

One of the most well-known bands in Chile, The Ganjas are a neo-psychedelic rock band that has been together since 2000. They have played some of the biggest festivals in South America and shared the stage with bands like Jesus & Mary Chain, R.E.M., Helmet, The Vaselines, and Black Dice. More info...


Giana Factory Giana Factory
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: Folk, Live Electronics, Post punk
Touchstones: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Glasvegas, Stereolab

Their song"Pixilated Truth" is featured in the first virtual film on Second Life, and their song "Rainbow Girl" was a huge hit across Scandinavia. Giana Factory's songs will burrow into your brain, and their live performance will totally captivate you. More info...


Grand Atlantic Grand Atlantic
From: Brisbane, Australia
Genre: Indie, Alternative
Touchstones: Teenage Fanclub, the Posies, Redd Kross

Grand Atlantic blends the ethereal ambiance reminiscent of the time when "bands like Teenage Fanclub, the Posies, Redd Kross and Velvet Crush made power pop with enough sonic muscle to rival the grunge band." (Underneathica) More info...


Darren Hanlon Darren Hanlon
From: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Indie Pop, Singer-songwriter, Folk
Touchstones: Magnetic Fields, Robyn Hitchcock

Darren's finely crafted songs invest the politics of love and relationships, smaller personal issues and objects of less consequence with a surprising magic. He has toured throughout Australia, Europe, and the US over the past ten years with such artists as Magnetic Fields and Ladybug Transistor. More info...


Hypernova Hypernova
From: Tehran, Iran
Genre: Alternative Rock
Touchstones: Sisters of Mercy, She Wants Revenge, Interpol

"Their story is not only inspiring to other musicians in Iran or other countries that prohibits art from other cultures, but for anyone who has wanted to do something and only seen obstacles on the horizon..." - Ciaran Thompson, AUX More info...


Intimate Stranger Intimate Stranger
From: Santiago, Chile
Genre: Indie, Alternative
Touchstones: The Sundays, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Pretenders

Intimate Stranger is an international band currently based in Chile. Since its formation by Chilean guitarist Lautaro Vera (Cucsifae, Don Fango, Disturbio Menor) and English/Croatian singer/bassist Tessie S-Woodgate, the band has spent time in London, Belgium and Austin, Texas. More info...


Inverness Inverness
From: Santiago, Chile
Genre: Alternative Rock, Shoegaze
Touchstones: Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Fleet Foxes

Inverness are featured in the soundtrack and film 'The life of Fish". They represented South America at our third consecutive day of performances by artists from the six inhabited continents at the Dart Music International House. This was also the Austin concert for "Songs For Christchurch". More info...


It's Not Not It's Not Not
From: Barcelona, Spain
Genre: Punk, Indie, Experimental
Touchstones: P.I.L., Murder City Devils, Fugazi

Four different freaky characters has joined together to form a band where the dirtiest punk rock meets dance music, leaving enough space to experimental and crazy music to sound completely unique. More info...


The Jefferson The Jefferson
From: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Melodic Indie / Alternative
Touchstones: Snow Patrol, The Parlotones, Stereophonics, Fueled By Ramen

With a big, melodic sound, The Jefferson are often compared to British bands like Snow Patrol and Stereophonics, the single "Days Are Falling" reached the Top 10 Pop songs in the Music Oz Awards 2010. More info...


Kontra Golpe Noise Manifesto Kontra Golpe Noise Manifesto
From: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Genre: Folk Rock, Ska
Touchstones: Manu Chao, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Cafe Tacuba

Kontra Golpe Noise Manifesto's 2011 tour schedule takes them trough northern Mexico and the Southwestern US. We were fortunate to have them perform at the "Divided City" showcase during the Dart Music International House. More info...


L.Stadt L.Stadt
From: Lodz, Poland
Genre: Indie, Alternative
Touchstones: Sonic Youth, Ryan Adams, Air

L.Stadt's 2008 debut album (distributed by EMI) caused the Polish media to declare the band to be Polish music's greatest hope. They were nominated for the Eska Music Awards and have performed at festivals and tours in Lithuania, Germany, England, Croatia and Serbia. More info...


Lily Electric Lily Electric
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic, Indie
Touchstones: Spaceman 3, Television, The Fall

Lily Electric started in 2005 in Copenhagen. They have released the "8 Song Minialbum" in the fall 2006 and the album "You're in the painting you saw" in spring in 2008. Recorded and released the 10" vinyl "Lovelite EP #1" in the fall of 2008. More info...


Longital Longital
From: Bratislava, Slovakia
Genre: Alternative, Electronica, Visual
Touchstones: Camille, Spoon, Animal Collective

There is a psychedelic version of the end of the world, where fish fly over the rivers filled not with water, but with music streaming into the seas. This is the unexpectedly joyous tale of the title track of Gloria, the new album by Longital, Slovakia's best-loved indie band. More info...


Polly Mackey & the Pleasure Principle Polly Mackey & the Pleasure Principle
From: Liverpool, UK
Genre: Indie, Alternative
Touchstones: Chan Marshall, Beth Orton, The Kills

Polly and the band have received an invitation to perform at the SXSW Delegate Welcome Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel on the opening night of SXSW 2010. They will be doing an acoustic set which will be the first performance of SXSW 2010...


Maika Makovski, photo by Xavi Vila Maika Makovski
From: Barcelona, Spain
Genre: Rock, Melodramatic Pop
Touchstones: Elini Mandell, Cat Power, Bat For Lashes

In 2009, Maika and her band recorded 12 new songs under the production guidance of John Parish. This new collection forms the eponymously titled Maika Makovski, her first album to receive an international release and international attention. More info...


menwhopause Menwhopause
From: New Delhi, India
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Psychedelic
Touchstones: Live, Ryan Adams, Pink Floyd

One hot summer night, five years ago, a couple of friends got together and penned down their thoughts into music. What they never realized was that it was the making of one of the most sought after and revered bands in India. More info...


Mockinpott Mockinpott
From: Monterrey, Mexico
Genre: Punk, New Wave, Garage
Touchstones: Wire, The Ramones, T.S.O.L.

In an era which the mainstream has us acustomed to over-polished synthesizers, Mockinpott proves that there is still much  more juice to squeeze out of old analog instruments from second hand stores. If you like punk and new wave, you have got to hear them now! More info...


From: Hamilton, Ontario
Genre: Alternative, Indie, Pop
Touchstones: David Gray, Rachael Yamagata, Keane

NLX is the project of Natasha Alexandra. Her song "Find Love" was featured on ABC hit show Brothers & Sisters. Her emotionally complex songs and charming stage presence were on display at the Harris Radio / Indie Sounds party at the 2011 Dart Music International House. More info...


Onili Onili
From: Tel Aviv, Israel
Genre: Electronica, Pop
Touchstones: Santigold, CSS, We Should Be Dead

"Be Somebunny" is cracking the charts and dance clubs in the US and Europe. As part of the i:Made in Israel contingent that came to Austin in March 2011 they participated in the "ATX Hip-Hop + Onili:Made in Israel + Taqwacore" event at the Dart Music International House along with Austin's Tee Double and Iranian rockers The Yellow Dogs. More info...


PK14 P.K.14
From: Beijing, China
Genre: Chinese Rock, Post-Punk
Touchstones: Talking Heads, Television, Woodie Guthrie

P.K.14 occupies a space in Chinese music that might be analogous to that of Talking Heads or Television in the New York of the 1970s. They are among the most thoughtful and self-referential of bands, with an enormous curiosity about music coupled with a complete inability to care about musical fashion. More info...


The Parlotones, photo by Renee Frouws The Parlotones
From: Johannesburg, South Africa
Genre: Alternative rock
Touchstones: Razorlight, The Smashing Pumpkins

A sold-out 300-date world tour over the last 18 months has brought The Parlotones to the attention of music fans in Germany, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and the US and after packing out 1000+ capacity venues in the UK by word of mouth alone, ... More info...


PowerSolo PowerSolo
From: Aarhus, Denmark
Genre: Rock, Rockabilly, Psychedelic
Touchstones: Red Elvises, Southern Culture on the Skids, Luna

"Massive and mobile, revved-up and smirking wired manic relentlessness with polished precision musicianship and plenty of gratuitous sonic elegance and refinement within their genre-shifting role playing. So good it's ridiculous!" - Dream Magazine More info...


Purple Melon Purple Melon
From: London, England
Genre: Indie, Alternative, Rock
Touchstones: The Kinks, Oasis, The Faces

Purple Melon have been living (and rocking out) LA for the past year. Their music has been featured on AOL Sessions, MTV's "The Hills," and more. More info...


Purple Melon R. S. A. G.
From: Kilkenny, Ireland
Genre: Alternative, Garage, Soul
Touchstones: Joy Division, Talking Heads, Gorillaz

Rarely Seen Above Ground (R.S.A.G.) is Jeremy Hickey presenting a one-man audio/visual force. He was listed at 13th by the Irish Times in their 2011 "The 50 Best Irish Acts Right Now". More info...


Ross Royce Ross Royce
From: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Punk
Touchstones: J. Geils Band, Queen, David Bowie

"This is a living and breathing part of the seventies, woken by Ross Royce and put back into action for his album. The title track kicks it all off perfectly and it smoulders, kicks and thrusts its way through all eleven tracks. Excellent." - The Mag New Music Uncovered More info...


Said The Whale Said The Whale
From: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Acoustic, Indie, Rock
Touchstones: Sam Roberts, The Weakerthans, The Dears

Said The Whale literally sprinted through the streets of Austin, gear in hand, to make their performance at the Harris Radio / Indie Sounds party at the 2011 Dart Music International House. That's rock & roll! More info...


Stanley Samuelsen Stanley Samuelsen
From: Faroe Islands, Denmark
Genre: Singer/songwriter, Folk, Blues, Country, Rock, Americana
Touchstones: John Renbourn, Stephen Stills

"A musical experience of great quality. One senses that music means everything to Stanley. His way of performing is full of passion for his homeland, the nature and life. Stanley is culture, that's a fact." - Dimmalętting, Faroe Islands More info...


Snapline Snapline
From: Beijing, China
Genre: Post-punk
Touchstones: Joy Division, Fad Gadget, Birthday Party

Snapline have become, almost overnight it seems, perhaps Beijing's fastest rising young band, in the last year they have taken on an identity all of their own, earned full page interviews in the local media and released their first 7" single in the US. More info...


St Deluxe St Deluxe
From: Glasgow, UK
Genre: Indie Rock
Touchstones: Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Mudhoney

"With an explosive debut album as well as countless gigs, festivals and support slots under their belts, St Deluxe have bottled and distilled their sound ready to unleash it on the world... Ear-bleedingly loud and ready for SXSW - get them while their hot!" - Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio Scotland More info...


Street Chant Street Chant
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Genre: Classic Rock, Punk, Tropical
Touchstones: The Clean, Surf City, The Dead Weather

Street Chant won 2011 New Zealand Critic's Choice Music Award. They represented Europe at our third consecutive day of performances by artists from the six inhabited continents at the Dart Music International House. This was also the Austin concert for "Songs For Christchurch". More info...


Stuka Stuka
From: Pancevo, Serbia
Genre: Garage, Rock, Blues
Touchstones: Andre Williams, MC5, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

STUKA is hard working, self-managed band from the main industrial center in Pancevo, Serbia. The major influences are American garage rock, late 60's psychedelia and some New Wave elements, particularly the Yugoslav New Wave of the early 80's. More info...


Superlasciva Superlasciva
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genre: Melodic Rock
Touchstones: John Mellencamp, The BoDeans

After winning one of three coveted spots in the Marlboro Music competition in Buenos Aires, Superlasciva will be making their US debut this spring at the South by Southwest Festival. More info...


Sweet Jane Sweet Jane
From: Dublin, Ireland
Genre: Ambient, Indie, Rock
Touchstones: Glasvegas, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Duke Spirit

Their song "Sugar For My Soul" was included in Gill Mills' "Best of Myspace" campaign. They brought some real Irish spirit to the 2011 St. Paddy's Day program at the Dart Music International House. More info...


Sweet Thing Sweet Thing
From: Toronto, Ontario
Genre: Acoustic, Indie, Rock
Touchstones: Nick Lowe, Novillero, Fleetwood Mac

Their song "Change of Seasons" was featured in the 2010 film Easy A. They closed out the day at the Harris Radio / Indie Sounds party at the 2011 Dart Music International House. More info...


Flip Tamez Flip Tamez
From: Monterrey, Mexico
Genre: Roots Music, Spanish Pop, Americana
Touchstones: Jumbo, Claxons, Vallejo

Flip has been the guitar player and songwriter for successful Mexican Rock band Jumbo for more than 10 years. This is his first solo project, featuring his new band comprised of members from Zurdok and Claxons. More info...


Telephunken Telephunken
From: Madrid, Spain
Genre: Breakbeat / Funk / Electronica
Touchstones: Mexican Institute of Sound, The Pinker Tones

Animated elements of funk, fusion, Latin, jazz, raggamuffin, with a breakbeat background, are a band with a long career. Performing a live show with a complete band, and currently presenting his fourth studio album "Que viva el ritmo!!! " More info...


Telerama Telerama
From: Fortaleza, Cearį, Brazil
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Indie
Touchstones: The Cardigans, Blondie, Blur

A little bit nerd, a little bit pop, but still a rock band. The band travelled all the way to Austin in 2008 to participate in SXSW and the first Dart Music International Night at Friends on Sixth Street. More info...


Ten Bears Ten Bears
From: Manchester, UK
Genre: Danceable Rock
Touchstones: Prince, MGMT, White Stripes

Ten Bears are fuzzy guitar pop in it's purest form. After successfully blowing Glastonbury festival and Secret Garden Party wide apart last summer with their Prince come MGMT come White Stripes party tunes, ... Looks like 2010 will be the year of the bear. More info...


Thee Attacks Thee Attacks
From: Aalborg, Denmark
Genre: Garage, Rock,
Touchstones: The Kinks, The Who, The Hives

Their latest album rated 3 1/2 stars by David Fricke in Rolling Stone. They brought some international garage rock energy to the 2011 St. Paddy's Day party at the Dart Music International House. More info...


Tidal Waves Tidal Waves
From: Johannesburg, South Africa
Genre: Reggae, ska, rock
Touchstones: Ziggy Marley, Lucky Dube

I have never left a Tidal Waves show disappointed. It's just not possible to criticise a band that can make you sing along in more than three languages. What other band do you know that can do that? More info...


Tokyo Sex Destruction Tokyo Sex Destruction
From: Vilanova, Spain
Genre: Soul, Punk
Touchstones: James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye

"Peace is a media invention... Against the social pressure, violent revolution... We have to feed our minds by means of the reading and the soul music... We don't need your money, we don't need your help we wanna be free!!!!" - Rj.Sinclair More info...


Tone Tone
From: Aalborg, Denmark
Genre: Electronica, Glitch, Experimental
Touchstones: Portishead, Autechre, Aphex Twin

With abstract beats, unique voice and hypnotizing lyrics, the Danish duo Tone, are renowned for their both forceful and frail expressions in experimental electronica ranging from uplifting vigorous outlets of energy to obscure, melancholic moods. More info...


The Tornado Roosters The Tornado Roosters
From: Giessen, Germany
Genre: Rockabilly, Surf, 60's Rock
Touchstones: Junior Brown, Red Elvises, Reverend Horton Heat

The Tornado Roosters celebratin' - no, they're "preachin' - a great mixture of 50's rockabilly-/rock'n'Roll, 60's rhythm & Blues, surfmusic + garagebeat; with THEIR versions of obscure covers, rare standards and TTR-Originals. More info...


Unfamiliar Friends Party Unfamiliar Friends Party
From: Taipei, Taiwan
Genre: Drum & Bass, Electronica, Rock
Touchstones: Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Cut Copy

They performed at the first ever performance by 6 bands from the 6 inhabited continents at the 2011 Dart Music International House. They have also performed in major music festivals and livehouse in Taiwan. More info...


Viva City Viva City
From: Newcastle, UK
Genre: Electro, Indie, Alternative
Touchstones: MGMT, Telephunken, Sisters of Mercy

"As if the Prodigy suddenly discovered how to write good tunes."
- David Sinclair, The Times More info...


Miho Wada Miho Wada
From: Christchurch, New Zealand
Genre: Japanese Punk Jazz
Touchstones: Ska Cubano, Jo Hisaishi, Petty Booka

Miho Wada is a well-established multi-instrumentalist and singer from Japan/New Zealand. She has performed all around the world, including performances at WOMAD festivals, Havana International Jazz Festival, and recently recorded with Iggy Pop on "The Passenger". More info...


We Should Be Dead, Photo by Rosy Lea We Should Be Dead
From: Limerick, Ireland
Genre: danceable Indie-pop bubblegum rock
Touchstones: Abba, Shangri-las, Beach Boys

Award nominations, heavy radio rotation, glowing press reviews, numerous TV appearances,and a 'must see' live status are just some of the accolades this Irish boy/girl four-piece have achieved since exploding onto the music scene in 2007. More info...


White White
From: Beijing, China
Genre: Electronica, Experimental, Minimalism
Touchstones: Throbbing Gristle, Einsturzende Neubauten

White was formed by Shou Wang and Shen Jing in February 2005, and has quickly become one of the most acclaimed outfits in the Beijing new music scene. White's sound is ever evolving, spiralling outwards from the core stars of noise and minimalism ... More info...


Xiao He Xiao He
From: Beijing, China
Genre: Experimental, Free Folk, Avant Garde
Touchstones: Mongolian music, minimalism, Yoko Ono

He Guofeng, known in the world of music as Xiao He, is one of the most creative and influential artists in the Beijing music scene. He has become the inventor of a deeply weird and immensely moving style of music ... More info...


The Yellow Dogs The Yellow Dogs
From: Tehran, Iran
Genre: Indie / Post punk / Psychedelic
Touchstones: The Rapture, Modest Mouse, Late of the Pier

Featured in Award-winning film No One Knows About Persian Cats. The Yellow Dogs also represented the continent of Asia on the second bill in history to feature performances by artists from the 6 inhabited continents - and the first with music from space at the 4th Annual Dart Music International Day. More info...


Pedro Menendez & Zona Tango Zona Tango
From: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genre: Bossa Nova, Capoeira, Electronica, Tango
Touchstones: A. Piazzolla, C.A .Jobim, Ivan Lins, Björk

"If you were lucky enough to be at the Elephant Room for the U.S. premiere of Zona Tango, then you know that all electronic music is not created equal. Blood ties between Spain, France, and Argentina are often difficult to tease out in the contemporary world..." - Dan Oko, the Austin Chronicle. More info...