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Kabul Dreams

Kabul Dreams I Wanna Run Away cover Photo
I Wanna Run Away cover photo.

"With a dedicated following of expats and early signs of an appetite among young Afghans for English-language indie rock, Kabul Dreams are starting to show promise after less than a year together."
- Jon Boone, Guardian UK

"Some people will tell you that Afghans don't live in a context where they can act like "teenagers" and rebel against their families and society ('Do they even want to?,' some have wondered), but of course they certainly feel the same emotions. Who better to express it than a rock band? Standing there and watching the crowd of enthusiastic AUA students it struck me that the song was also apropos of so much more. "
- Roya Aziz, Afghan Magazine

From: Kabul, Afghanistan
Genre: Indie, Alternative, Britpop
Touchstones: Oasis, Radiohead
Home page: http://www.kabuldreams.com/

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