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Miho Wada

"Miho Wada may call her music Japanese punk-jazz, but this classically trained musician's sound manages to encompass elements of jazz, Latin, rock, pop and virtually every other genre imaginable. Her debut album, 'Postcards to Your Bed,' manages to work all these seeming disparate influences into one energetic mix, which makes sense when you consider the fact that Wada has recorded alongside artists like Iggy Pop."
- Jonah Bayer, "Interview: SXSW 2010", Spinner

"The tiny-yet-energetic Miho Wada, who sneers words confidently above the fray of music about "getting lost in pleasure" or "drinking vino and playing Nintendo", creates bizarre, ska-influenced jazz punk with her international mash-up of a band."
- Lazarus, "Lucky 12: Our Favorite Tracks by Up and Coming Bands", SPINearth

From: Christchurch, New Zealand
Genre: Japanese Punk Jazz
Touchstones: Ska Cubano, Jo Hisaishi, Petty Booka
Home page: http://www.mihowada.com/
Listen: "Piss Off (Such A Loser)"  

Watch: "Call Girl"