Dart Music International

International Lunch

Following on the success of last year's International Lunch series at Nueva Onda, we are presenting artists from noon to 1:00 at Dart Music International House at Mi Casa for four days - Wednesday, March 17 - Saturday March 20. This is a great way to jumpstart your busy SXSW music experience with some home made tamales from the kitchen of Mi Casa Cantina and some great music from around the world.

  Wednesday, March 17 - Saturday March 20   12:00PM - 1:00PM Daily
  Dart Music International House at Mi Casa
  (503 E. 6th Street Map)
  Wednesday - P.K.14 (China)
  Thursday - Darren Hanlon (Australia)
  Friday - Longital (Slovakia)
  Saturday - Miho Wada (New Zealand)
Cost: FREE!

The DMI House will be THE destination for top shelf indie bands from Austin and around the world, spanning the entire duration of the SXSW Conferences and Festivals - and all shows are FREE.

P.K.14 by Shi Xiaofan
Photo by Shi Xiaofan

"P.K. 14's thrashing chords, dark bass lines and frenetic beats resonate with echoes of Sonic Youth, the Pixies, Fugazi and the New York Dolls. But the Beijing band's charismatic vocalist, Yang Haisong, 34, says he takes his lead from songwriters such as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and a whole generation of protest musicians. Think of P.K. 14, in other words, as neither punk nor postpunk but postfolk."
- Lara Day, "Asia's Best Bands", Time Magazine

From: Beijing, China
Genre: Chinese Rock, Post-Punk
Touchstones: Talking Heads, Television, Woodie Guthrie
Home page: http://maybemars.org/index.php/artists/pk-14/
Listen: "Some Surprises Come Too Soon"  
Watch: "How Majestic Is The Night"

Darren Hanlon
Darren's finely crafted songs invest the politics of love and relationships, smaller personal issues and objects of less consequence with a surprising magic. He has toured throughout Australia, Europe, and the US over the past ten years with such artists as Magnetic Fields and Ladybug Transistor.

From: Sydney, Australia
Genre: Indie Pop, Singer-songwriter, Folk
Touchstones: Magnetic Fields, Robyn Hitchcock
Home page: http://www.darrenhanlon.com/
Listen: "The People Who Wave At Trains"  
Watch: "Electric Skeleton"

There is a psychedelic version of the end of the world, where fish fly over the rivers filled not with water, but with music streaming into the seas. This is the unexpectedly joyous tale of the title track of Gloria, the new album by Longital, Slovakia's best-loved indie band.

From: Bratislava, Slovakia
Genre: Alternative, Electronica, Visual
Touchstones: Camille, Spoon, Animal Collective
Home page: http://www.longital.com/
Listen: "Uz Len Raz / One Last Time"  
Watch: Ani Náhodou / Nothing By Chance

Miho Wada
"The tiny-yet-energetic Miho Wada, who sneers words confidently above the fray of music about "getting lost in pleasure" or "drinking vino and playing Nintendo", creates bizarre, ska-influenced jazz punk with her international mash-up of a band."
- Lazarus, "Lucky 12: Our Favorite Tracks by Up and Coming Bands", SPINearth

From: Christchurch, New Zealand
Genre: Japanese Punk Jazz
Touchstones: Ska Cubano, Jo Hisaishi, Petty Booka
Home page: http://www.mihowada.com/
Listen: "Piss Off (Such A Loser)"  
Watch: "Call Girl"