Dart Music International
Anna and Tara at International Night

Anna and Tara from We Should Be Dead at International Night at Friends on Sixth Street, March 17, 2009. Photo by Patricia Albright.

Dart Music International Volunteers

Dart Music International Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Their skills and positive attitude make it possible for our organization to exist and fulfill our mission. Besides the satisfaction that comes with doing good works, our volunteers also get attend DMI events and meet our fabulous international artists. If you are interested in joining us as a volunteer or intern, please email our Volunteer Coordinator and let us know your interests, skills, and availability. Below are some examples of currently existing volunteer opportunities.

  • We have ongoing internship opportunities to help us update and maintain our Social Networking sites. This is a very important and sensitive position, requiring technical skills as well as the ability to communicate on a professional and coordinated level. We are interested in providing work-related experience and/or college externship credit in exchange for service. This is both ongoing and immediate, so please email our Volunteer Coordinator right away if you are interested.

  • Like all charitable nonprofit organizations, fundraising is the lifeblood that keeps the bills paid and the electricity flowing. If you have experience with fundraising activities, from corporate-level fundraising campaigns to event production or small-scale solicitations, there is a place for you on our team.

  • Artist Liaisons are volunteers who agree to be the local contact for a visiting Dart Music International band. They provide local information and general assistance for the band as a combination concierge/navigator/tour guide. Artist Liaisons get to spend quality time with the visiting artists while making a profound impact on the success of their tour.

  • Similar to the Artist Liaisons, we are also working to create a network of Local Hosts who provide a safe, comfortable place for visiting Dart Music International Artists to stay while they are in town. For those who have participated in the SXSW International Housing Program or Couch Surfing you already know how fun it is to have interesting out-of-town guests stay with you. Besides the experience of getting to know the people of the band and the perks of hosting a cool rock band, the contribution of Local Hosts literally makes it possible for many of our Artists to tour.

Some of the outstanding people who volunteer for Dart Music International are:

James Beaves, William Blunk-Fernandez, Jake Borum, Lauren Burton, Pam Burton, Spencer Burton, Tom Burton, Gene Butler, Alana Carpenter-Moore, Samantha Dickinson, Judy Dodd, Alexis Hanson, Derek Hunter, Melody Lemonds, Joe Linquist, Shannon Mann, Valeri Marquart, Anna Martin, Angela Martinez, Amy Martinez, Victoria Stengel...