Dart Music International

Check out the video from Astronaut Cady Coleman from the International Space Station she created for the Dart Music International House:

In this unprecedented video, Cady gives a tour of the International Space Station and an exclusive performance of the song Get Yourself Paroled (Honey I Miss You), written by Brendan McKinney & Joel Racheff and played with her band Bandella (on laptop).

Creative Commons License

Music From Space by Cady Coleman, Dart Music International, NASA, Same Sky Productions is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

The video may not be used for commercial purposes and is intended as a positive portrayal for NASA, the International Space Station, Same Sky Productions, and Dart Music International.  The video is a publicly accessible NASA 'record' equally accessible to all people.  It may not be used in any manner to suggest endorsement by NASA or any of its employees of any organization, commercial product, or service, including Dart Music International.  Anyone displaying the video will be responsible for any required licensing of any featured copyrighted music.